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Featuring model Madeleine Michael in Downtown Manhattan. 


Juxtapose Magazine: "Power of Color"

"Bi-coastal photographer Kaitlyn Mikayla grew up racing motocross competitively and contributes this to her rough, tomboyish take on fashion and beauty. After working in film production for years, Kaitlyn is always striving to create work that looks like a still plucked from a film."


Last Daze: "Bored in the usa"

"Kaitlyn Mikayla is a fashion & portrait photographer based in New York City. With a background in filmmaking, Kaitlyn strives to create work that looks as if it’s a still plucked from a film."


c-heads magazine: "love is in the air"

“I’d been dying to do a sexy bedroom set for awhile, but feared it would look like a cheesy Lifetime movie or a silly Cosmo sex article. It’d been a challenge to find two models who were actually in love, but when Alexis contacted me, I instantly knew she and Mark would be the one. We met up at Arlo Hotels, who were gracious enough to offer us a room to shoot.” tells New York based photographer Kaitlyn Mikayla. “I was so nervous because I’d never shot anything this hot. But Alexis Fabie & Mark Mandia immediately put me at ease. They were so comfortable being intimate on camera which made everything a breeze. And yes, they’re truly so in love that it’s infectious. I’ve never left a shoot in such a romantic mood.” 


Sticks & Stones: "Light mY fire" 

She grew up racing motocross competitively, but these days she mostly just takes gorgeous photos! For her latest series, bicoastal photographer, Kaitlyn Mikayla teamed up with the gorgeous, Grace Gardiner.

“Grace & I have had impromptu shoots before but really wanted to create more of a story & a particular vibe this time around. We persuaded Hill People (Ryan & Mandi) to help us achieve a carefree & rebellious 1970s atmosphere. There was a bit of a challenge working in a modern Brooklyn, apartment but with enough vintage props, we made the juxtaposition work. (Oh yeah, we almost burned the table for some of these shots… Worth it!”

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Nakid Magazine: "Color Me in" 

Bi-coastal photographer Kaitlyn Mikayla grew up racing motocross competitively and contributes this to her rough, tomboyish take on fashion and beauty. After working in film production for years, Kaitlyn is always striving to create work that looks like a still plucked from a film.


STICKS & STONES: HIghs & lows

“I’ve been a huge fan of Taylor’s look for a long while. She radiates 20th century Parisian vibes. How can you not be obsessed? I was so excited when she agreed to shoot while on a short trip in New York. Due to the end of a blustery east coast winter, our location options were limited, but Sixty Hotels saved the day. We played the Amelie soundtrack & Taylor fell right into character. As an actress, she played a full spectrum of emotion which really made the shoot so memorable for me. It was like I was watching a film unfolding, capturing the dramatic highs & lows, one frame at a time.”

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Interview with Lomography Magazine. 


SIXTY HOTELS BLOG: "Stay Sixty Creative"

There’s been much talk these days of the female gaze–exploring womanhood and sexuality through the lens of someone who’s been there, done that. A fellow woman, in other words. It’s something you feel distinctly when looking at the work of New York City-based photographer and artist Kaitlyn Mikayla. Her subjects feel like protagonists in their own journeys, not “Under 5” accessories. Recently, Mikayla stopped by SIXTY Soho with actress Taylor LaShae to create a world of their own making for Live Fast Magazine. It’s all roses and bedsheets, velvet lobbies and woolen berets. Sounds about right. Below, we talk to Mikayla about posh v. grunge, good days v. bad days, and a September rose in spring.

C-HEADS: Cinematic photography

New York based photographer, screenwriter, graphic-designer and model Kaitlyn Mikayla infuses her work with retro vibes, endless summer feelings and glossy portrayal of youth.

“I’ve always had a camera on me since I was a kid. But it took film school and a brief modeling stint in NYC before I thought, I can really do this! Through modeling, I was able to learn firsthand how photographers work, which lenses they use and how they direct their subject. I’ve always been a visual artist, so adding fashion photographer to my wheelhouse was bound to happen and I’m so glad it did.” she tells about her beginning.

“There’s so much I want to capture in my work, I feel sometimes I miss the boat on it completely. I’m really fueled by cinematic imagery, but also feel that emotion and empowering women is so important. I hope to push my work more in the empowering direction this year. I’m still trying to find my way as a photographer though, so that’s been a fun challenge.”

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Featuring Grace Gardiner.



Taylor LaShae looks like the lead in a vintage French film. With eyes that make you reconsider your current relationship, she is the kind of woman that makes me want to write – and I do not make that statement lightly.

This series by photographer Kaitlyn Mikayla captures LaShae in a single space, yet every frame is dynamic. The change in mood and shots come from the shifting of her eyes and the pout in her lips. As her expression changes, we change with it. She controls the way we see her, creating an emotional dissonance between split seconds: an inhale versus an exhale, a match lit versus a match blown out, the subtle movement of that arresting stare.

Blink once and you’ll lose her. Dive in below.

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